Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Review Tuesday: SIA - 1000 Forms of Fear

1000 Forms of Fear

2014 was a big year for Sia. Her talents as songwriter became well known, as well as being a very strong vocalist. She seemed to be all over the place while never showing her face in the process. A camera shy pop star? What gives? 

But I digress...

Mrs. Bax0jayz mentioned that she liked Sia's voice a while back so I got her this album, 1000 Forms of Fear,as part of her Valentine's day gift package.

The tracklist:
1. Chandelier 3:36
2. Big Girls Cry 3:30
3. Burn the Pages 3:15
4. Eye of the Needle 4:08
5. Hostage 2:56
6. Straight for the Knife 3:31
7. Fair Game 3:51
8. Elastic Heart 4:17
9. Free the Animal 4:24
10. Fire Meet Gasoline 4:01
11. Cellophane 4:25
12. Dressed In Black 6:40
I broke one of of cardinal rules when I first listed to this album, I had high expectations. You STILL can't listen to a top forty radio station for 30 minutes without hearing something that's been touched by Sia. I was just expecting to be blown away. 

But I wasn't.

Indeed, Sia's voice is beautiful and sensuous. But after that, I just felt like I was listening to a stack of tracks geared for pop music fans. While the record is well produced and nicely polished, it didn't really draw me in. I kinda found Hostage to be a little different, but all in all nothing else really stood out for me.

It's still not a bad record.