Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Review Tuesday: DRONES by MUSE


This is a good year for new music from bands we love. Among the unexpected new records this year we have already had Faith No More, and still some Garbage and Iron Maiden coming out later this year, and more recently... 

The tracklist:
1 Dead Inside 4:22 
2 [Drill Sergeant] 0:21 
3 Psycho [Explicit] 5:16 
4 Mercy 3:52 
5 Reapers 5:59 
6 The Handler 4:33 
7 [JFK] 0:54 
8 Defector 4:33 
9 Revolt 4:05 
10 Aftermath 5:48 
11 The Globalist 10:07 
12 Drones 2:49
Following two relatively "hope-filled" records, Matt Bellamy seems to be his tortured, bleak self again. After lovely songs like The Resistance (from the album with the same name) and Madness (from the 2nd Law) it looks like the December 2014 break-up with Kate Hudson yielded a darker and angrier record that starts off with DEAD INSIDE. I can not say with any certainty if the Hudson had anything to do with the song, but sure seems to fit into the timeline.

That aside, the album is pretty great. You have your down-with-big-government anarcho-libertarian stuff that Bellamy is known for. There's unbelievable guitar-work on this record like nothing I have heard in a long time, rivaling the work of the guitar gods. Check out REAPERS to see what I mean. Bass and Drums seem to take a back seat to Bellamy's lead. But it's all good. Nicely polished and a delight to listen to.   

A GREAT record!

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