Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Review Tuesday: Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

by Daniel H. Wilson
When an artificial intelligence called Archos R-14 becomes self-aware, it decides to destroy the human race. 
It seems that we love stories about the end of the world. Lately we seem to be in love with zombie plagues, but what happened to the good old-fashioned sci-fi notions of technology running wild? Daniel H. Wilson, who happens to have a background in robotics gives us a terrifying tale about how we could end up with human life being eradicated by our robot servants.  

I was completely unaware of this book and author until a couple years ago when I read that Steven Spielberg was working on a movie based on it. That's usually my cue to read the book before the film comes out. It's been years since I downloaded the book, and there is little buzz around the project in Hollywood (and I have been getting through everything on my Kindle) so it was as good a time to read this book as any. 

This book is written from the perspectives of several individuals during The New War. Specifically, the view points of what Archos-14, aka Big Rob, considered "heroes" among the human race.

The story is paced well. The various characters have distinct personalities that shine through the story. The technical details aren't overwhelming, but are sufficient to lend extra credibility to the grand scheme of things. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and as a result I was able to read it pretty quickly. I highly recommend this book!