Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review Tuesday: Sleepy Hollow Season 3

Sleepy Hollow
Season Three
Crane and Mills face a new threat in Sleepy Hollow.
Following the deaths of Ichabod Crane's wife and son in the season 2 finale, I was wondering what direction the show would head into next. They chose to fast forward some months into the future. Abigail Mills became an FBI agent, and Crane went on a personal quest for knowledge. Right around the time that they met up again a strange woman appeared in Sleepy Hollow with, instead of a bag, a BOX of tricks. She's the Pandora of fables and the box contained what was necessary to bring back a malevolent God known only as The Hidden One. 

The season ran eighteen episodes of The Witnesses fending off the demonic minions of Pandora and The Hidden one. The idea was that the supernatural energy  contained within the demons was an essential ingredient to bring the God back to full strength. 

As you can imagine with a series like this, alliances were made, truces, perfidy, and lots of paranormal activity. I found this season as clever as the previous two, but something seemed to be missing. They even tried to fabricate some previously unmentioned love-story between Crane and Betsy Ross during the days of the Revolution. 

Behind the scenes it appears that there was some sort of irreconcilable differences between Nicole Beharie and the producers of the show. I had read that she was so miserable with the way she was treated that she asked to be written out. At this point in time I'm not even sure if that even matters since Sleepy Hollow, once again, finds itself on the bubble of being renewed or not. 

The season didn't conclude with a huge cliffhanger, but left open a new opening for a different direction for the show to take. If Sleepy Hollow gets cancelled, it would have at least ended in a tolerable way. I do hope it's picked up to continue as there is a new story line to followed. Crane has to find the next witness to partner with to fight evil forces and to stave off the end of days. 

In conclusion I'd wager that fans of the first two seasons would like this one as well. Viewers who are new to the series might like it from this point as well as they don't make heavy references to prior episodes.  I like this show!