Tuesday, June 07, 2016



The eighth full length studio album, but really the tenth recording from LACUNA COIL is DELIRIUM

The track-list: 
1 The House of Shame 5:17
2 Broken Things 3:59
3 Delirium 3:16 
4 Blood, Tears, Dust 3:55 
5 Downfall 4:21
6 Take Me Home 3:45 
7 You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You 3:49
8 Ghost in the Mist 4:14 
9 My Demons [Explicit] 3:56 
10 Claustrophobia [Explicit] 4:08
11 Ultima Ratio 4:08
12 Live to Tell 5:29
13 Breakdown 3:16
14 Bleed the Pain 3:47
The band describes this record as being "harder, heavier, darker" and "their most aggressive album yet" and I tend to agree. It starts off so hard that you wonder if you're listening to the right album!

But it is!

In recent years Lacuna Coil had their long-time drummer and guitarist quit the band. It seems the infusion of new blood has yielded a heavier sound than we have known previously from this band. The vocals of both Andrea and Cristina are up to the task. While Andrea's voice seems more distinct and perfectly suited for the heavy parts, when the tunes mellow out Cristina is still belting out some incredible notes. 

The new band members fit in well and may have had something to do with the direction of this record. I can't say since I wasn't involved in the writing process. But I have heard the final product and THOROUGHLY ENJOYED IT! The songs are all very good and nicely polished. All meat and no filler here. Any Lacuna Coil fan will be pleased with this record.
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