Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review Tuesday: Strange Little Birds by Garbage

Strange Little Birds

Seemingly from out from nowhere Garbage went and put out their SIXTH studio album last month. All of the usual cast of characters are back to work!

Track list: 
  1. Sometimes 2:52 
  2. Empty 3:54 
  3. Blackout 6:32 
  4. If I Lost You 4:11 
  5. Night Drive Loneliness 5:24 
  6. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed 5:26 
  7. Magnetized 3:54 
  8. We Never Tell 4:25 
  9. So We Can Stay Alive 6:01 
  10. Teaching Little Fingers To Play 3:58 
  11. Amends 6:04 
I still remember the first time I heard Garbage. It was the mid-90s and the song was VOW. It was just dripping with anger and emotion and delightfully arranged and Shirley's sexy vocal-stylings were the icing on the cake. More than twenty years later and Garbage continues to evolve. The songs strike me as more mature. The popsy feel from the first two records isn't really there anymore. To me this is much more of an experimental rock record. Slower paced. A different feel and sound to it. I tested this record out on some other Garbage fans who all furrowed their brows and commented, "it's no 'When I Grow Up.'" 

While I found this to be a wonderfully produced record with Shirley's voice sounding delicious as ever, I have a feeling that not all fans will be as happy with this album. The slower pace, experimental qualities, and an altogether more grown up work might be too upsetting to those who don't like change. I say, BRAVO! Well Done!

Get it on AMAZON:Strange Little Birds