Thursday, August 25, 2016

Turtle Thursday: Not a happy camper 2010

Turtle Thursday: Not a happy camper


These are pics of Silent Bob from last Friday. He had some major shell work done and was left with a chasm in his belly. It's a little harsh to look at, but it's a grim reminder that even if you know what you're doing, and take all the best steps to keep your pet happy, something can sneak by and create a mess like this. Bob's life isn't in danger, but he has a long path to recovery. First that gap has to pill in. Then it will scab over. In the meantime the wound was cleaned, washed, disinfected, and packed with a healing cream daily plus antibiotic injections every three days. I'd say it hurts me more than it does him, but he glowers at me after each shot, so I have a feeling it's vice versa.

Update for 2016: This little guy has been through a lot since 2010 and still hasn't completely healed from this procedure. He's been making huge progress recently, though.