Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Review Tuesday: The Walking Dead, Season 7

Season 7
After the group finally meets Negan and the Saviors in an explosive season premiere, Rick is forced to gather allies to attempt defeat their latest foe.
As a fan of the comic book source material, I have been waiting for this season for YEARS. We've been introduced to a slew of new characters, characters have been written off, and entire new communities have been added to the series. It's been moving at the usual pace, you know, exciting first and last five minutes, with a lot of slower story in between.

There were high expectations for this season and I think the writers did a good job with it. It kept my interest and kept me tuning in. They even had several super-sized episodes just to fit in everything they needed to. I'm impressed. I look forward to the next season which should be the Total War story arc.