Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Review Tuesday: The Assent [2019]

The Assent |Teaser Trailer

The Assent

A man with schizophrenia is worried his son might be possessed by the devil. 
Amazon Prime has been recommending this movie for a while. After seeing the trailer and seeing that it was only an hour and a half, we decided to give it a view. 
Joel (Robert Kazinsky) is a single dad with a bad job that pays very little trying to get along in life. His wife died, previously, in a car accident, sending Joel into hide within himself and his macabre artwork. To add to his troubles, he's schizophrenic and the babysitter just quit. Around that time his son, Mason (Caden Dragomer) seems to be sharing his father's mental illness generated visions. 
The babysitter visited the local priest and described the troubles she detected in that household, so Brother Michael (Douglas Spain) and Father Lambert (Peter Jason) decided to investigate. 
The rest of the movie is about the discovery of the possession and how that all works. 
While the acting was fine and the special effects were pretty impressive, the story, and the ending were pretty disappointing. I don't know if this needed some additional writing or editing to to polish it up better, but you can't hide a lacking tale under impressive visuals.    

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