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Review Tuesday: ANDOR, Season 1

 Star Wars: Andor Episode Guide – Season 1 Reviews and Cast
Season 1
When Cassian Andor is hired as a mercenary for a huge rebellion plot, his galaxy gets turned on its ear. 
Years ago, after the success of ROGUE ONE, Disney had been trying to figure out a way to build on the momentum. There were various troubles associated. The Sequel Trilogy was enraging long time fans, and other fans were unhappy with Rogue One, as well, because it wasn't a good-natured space adventure. The biggest problem with that assertion is that a rebellion against tyranny usually isn't good natured nor adventurous. It's harsh and brutal, and frequently sad. So, when audiences went to see ROGUE ONE in December, 2016 they got something they weren't ready for. A harsh and gritty war story. After the success, and fan approval, Disney / Lucasfilm started development of some prequel for Rogue One, but around Andor instead of Jyn Erso. Early in carnations of the script revolved around a series of movie, then it turned into a TV series during the COVID Era. It started off as a five season story arc, then eventually got whittled down to two, if I am not mistaken. 

Season One ended a week ago, on Disney+, and they have been running the first TWO episodes on various free outlets trying to stir up interest. 
While the show is called Andor, you get to see the rebellion from several different perspectives, it's shape some FIVE years before the Battle of Yavin. It starts with Andor chasing down a lead about his long lost sister. Unfortunately he arouses the wrong sort of attention and that's what sets the pace of the show. Well, sort of. The 12 episodes are broken down, mostly, as story arcs. So the first three episodes gave the background and insight into the characters that would go along through to the end.
Even though the show is only 12 episodes, the story probably could've been contained mu less. For instance, the first three episodes seemed to be a lot of flashbacks and Andor looking over his shoulder. I have a feeling that those three episodes could've been edited down to a single 1.5 - 2 hours pilot episode that would've drawn people in better. 
Other than that, the bad guys were pretty bad. The "good guys" who really aren't very "good" in the Biblical sense with their ruthlessness and perfidy, but they are what the Rebellion needs at this point. In the end, I liked this show quite a bit and look forward to the next season. It's supposed to rocket through the next four years of Star Wars history and lead directly into Rogue One. As long as they keep Iger's and KK's grubby hands away from this, it should be something well worth the wait to see.   

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