Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Review Tuesday: PREY [2022]

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A Predator visits 18th century North America to hunt PREY.
Here's another classic franchise that's been abused in the past and we revisited during 2022. The films in the PREDATOR franchise have been a real mixed bag and fans take each new installment with suspicion. When we were told there would be a Predator prequel, of sorts, coming out on HULU, expectations were very low. 
Taking place some two to three hundred years before Arnold's Dutch met his Pred, another Predator visits the North American continent to hunt. Of course, while this is going on, a Native American girl wants to prove that she can hunt as well of the boys. While hunting a beast that attacked another member of the tribe, she stumbles across the Predator. She gets back to the tribe and tells them what she saw. They scoff at her. She decides she has to kill this Predator to show the tribe. Of course, in doing so, half the tribe ended up getting killed by this alien, as well as a band of vicious trappers. In the end, the girl, Naru (played by Amber Midthunder) uses the Pred's own tech against him. Yay girl power! No one could defeat the monster except for the genius of this one young girl! 
Plot twist. She takes a pistol as a souvenir of the whole battle. The same pistol is given to Danny Glover's character in Predator 2, so it seems the Preds came back and mopped up the rest of the tribe...    
Okay. You can watch this in one of two ways. Take out your brain and just watch it for the action and you can have fun. If you watch it too critically, or just put ANY thought into this, you start getting annoyed. I didn't have a problem with the bizarre appearance of the monster, for the whole 3/4 of a poorly lit second that you can actually see his visage. But the woke crap was annoying. I mean, really, because of Naru the entire tribe ends up getting wiped out just because she had something to prove. Also, unlike previous Predators, this one seemed surprisingly reckless in his methods of attack. 

That aside, it was entertaining to watch as long as you shut down your brain while you watch it.

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