Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 M3GAN | Universal Pictures
When a toy designer rushed a robot/doll into trials, disaster ensued.
Mrs Bax0jayz LOVES movies like this. Anything with evil dolls catches her attention, so when I told her about this one, she wanted to see it. 
I won't bother saying much, because these things usually run the same way, only with minor variations. This time, the child bonds with the evil doll because her parents were killed in an accident and her aunt who got custody didn't have time to do parent things. So she has her invention, the M3GAN doll, be the child's guardian. The trouble is, she didn't finish programming parameters for the machine and it does its job of protecting the child from emotional and physical danger too well.
I would say the movie is pretty well done but there were no surprises because this isn't a very original concept. Plus there are a couple scenes that make no sense, etc etc, and you end up with an okay movie. Is it a fun horror flick? Yes. Is it GOOD? Not especially.  

It's now playing.