Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Review Tuesday: DOLLY DEAREST [1991]

A family is tormented by an ancient blood-thirsty demon that seeks child sacrifices by possessing dolls from a Mexican factory. 
When I got the Amazon Fire Stick (reviewed HERE), I showed Mrs. Bax0jayz how to work it and let her choose the first movie we would see. She selected this one. "It's about a doll... but it's BAD!" Since she seemed so excited about seeing it, I agreed. 

It starts off with an architectural dig that goes wrong and accidentally unleashes this ancient spirit. The scene was exactly like how demons appear in EVIL DEAD. Then it possesses a life sized doll that's creepy and ugly, a lot like a female Chucky. So now you know you're in for nothing original at all. 

It's dull and predictable. Not scary. What I found of some interest was the star Denise Crosby who quit Star Trek: The Next Generation so she can do other work. Other work like this?!?!

Bad horror movies can be fun to watch. They go from being so bad that they get good. Not this one.    

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