Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Review Tuesday: THE TICK S01 B (Ep 07-12)

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S01 B (Ep 07-12)
An accountant named Arthur becomes consumed with The Terror, the man who killed his father and his favorite superheroes. His obsession causes him to cross paths with his destiny and a strange superhero called THE TICK.
The pilot for THE TICK came out on August 15, 2016.  We didn't get more episodes for about another YEAR. We got six episodes, in total, at that time which I assumed to be the complete first season. Then during tax season of 2018 the rest of season one became available. It took my MONTHS to finally see those episodes de to the terrible timing, but see them I did!

Season 1, Part B picked up, appropriately, directly after the events of Season One Part A. See my review HERE. Arthur (Griffin Newman) is in the clutches of The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley) and Ms. Lint (Yara Martinez). The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) has to team up with Dot (Valorie Curry) and Overkill (Scott Speiser) to rescue Arthur and foil the evil plan devised by The Terror. 

This show is somewhere between the animated Fox cartoon from the early 90s and the original, darker, comic book source material. Forget that terrible live-action show starring Patrick Warburton. That one was just the Warburton show, dressed as The Tick. The original comics still mocked the superhero realm, but with a harsh bite to it. The animated TV show still had the same heart, but was bundled for children. This latest series on Amazon is properly geared towards an adult audience. It's perfectly timed with brutal comic-book shows like Daredevil and The Punisher out there. The Tick can go back to its harsher roots while being injected with some humor. The cast is excellent. The special effects are mostly pretty good although there are times when it seems they ran out of money to do stuff. Despite that, the show is GLORIOUS for a fan to behold. It's been greenlighted for a second season so I can't wait!   

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