Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Series Finale: FRINGE

After five seasons (really more like four and a half) JJ Abrams' sci-fi television show FRINGE ran it's final episode. The final season (13 episodes) centered around the Fringe Team trying to battle the invasion of Observers and set things right with the world.

The season opened up with a plan to rid the planet of the Observer occupation, but Walter Bishop's brain was wiped of the plan. The rest of the season was about trying to rediscover the plan (via video tapes Bishop had stored) and enlisting the assistance of sympathetic resistance fighters.

The finale last Friday was really two episodes and not a 2 hour TV movie. A couple surprises were pulled out and the the plan was modified at the last second and guess what? Good triumphed over evil. Our heroes saved the day, and everyone lives happily ever after.

I have to say, I was terrified that JJ was going to screw this up like the ending of LOST, but no, in my opinion he gave us the ending that fans really wanted: Olivia and Peter living out their proper lives together with their little girl Henrietta.

Though I am sad to see one of my favorite TV shows come to it's conclusion, I was pleased with that conclusion.