Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Review Tuesday: The Walking Dead Season 6

We follow Rick and the other survivors as they adjust to living in Alexandria.
The description is oversimplified as the season really was split into two separate directions. We started off with Alexandria being raided by the Wolfpack and then a zombie horde back-to-back. What really took up one day in real life took up the first half of the season. The second half opens up a whole big world as other large groups of survivors are discovered, some for the better, some for the worse. 

As a fan of the comic, I was very excited about this season. Rick takes over as leader of Alexandria after the death of Deanna. We finally meet Jesus and the residents of the Hilltop Community. We also learn about the brutality of The Saviors. In the final episode we catch our first glimpse of members of The Kingdom, which will play a major role in the future. Also we finally meet Negan. If there was ever a character that people were dying to see on the screen, FINALLY, it was Negan. More on that in a moment. 

I would say this season was much like previous seasons. They did the usual build up of suspense and faked the audience out a couple times. 

But the turning point was when Rick and Darryl met Jesus. From that point on, everything changed, and will forever change the lives of the survivors. 

I would say that I was happy with this season. Even though I figured they'd save Negan until the season finale and wouldn't actually show who his victim would be, I was happy to see this finally, forgive the pun, hit the screen. Some great casting and good writing there even though the finale probably could've been summed up in a normal hour, the 90 minutes just added to the suspense. The upcoming seasons promise to be full of suspense and loads of violence. So I am a happy fan right about now. 

Next, we'll see where FEAR THE WALKING DEAD takes us as it starts up season two this Sunday.