Saturday, November 06, 2021

Saturday, November 6, 2021

felicitous \fuh-LIS-uh-tuhs\ , adjective;
  1. Suitably applied or expressed; appropriate; apt.
  2. Happy; delightful; marked by good fortune.
Origin: Felicitous is derived from Latin felicitas, "fertility, hence success, happiness," from felix, "fertile, successful, happy."
to your point
  • Phrase used to contradict another person's ideas, while making it feel like you have agreed with them.
Her: I don't think we should see each other anymore. You're just not there for me emotionally and I need more than that.
You: To your point, I think we should limit our relationship to strictly sexual, and I look forward to that. Im glad we agree on this.
Can also be used in the 3rd person.
Jim: Peyton Manning rules.
You: Im with Jim on this one. And to Jims point, Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL.

  • Jefferson Davis: was elected president of the Confederate States of America (he'd already been serving as president under the provisional constitution), one year to the day after Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States of America (1861)
  • college football: Rutgers beat Princeton in the first intercollegiate game (1869)
  • October Revolution: the Bolshevik uprising began in St. Petersburg; the October/November discrepancy is due to Russian Old Style dates (1917)
  • Meet the Press: the Sunday morning talk show debuted; it is the longest-running TV program in the world (1947)
  • Australia: voted to keep Queen Elizabeth as its head of state (1999)
  • Charles Henry Dow 1851
  • John Philip Sousa 1854
  • Ignacy Jan Paderewski 1860
  • James Naismith 1861
  • Walter Perry Johnson 1887
  • Ole (John Sigvard) Olsen 1892
  • James Jones 1921
  • Martin Pavelich 1927
  • Mike Nichols 1931
  • Stonewall Jackson 1932
  • Eugene Pitt (The Jive Five) 1937
  • P.J. Proby 1938
  • Guy Clark 1941
  • Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornados) 1941
  • Mike Clifford 1943
  • Sally Field 1946
  • Glenn Frey (Eagles) 1948
  • Maria Shriver 1955
  • Lance Kerwin 1960
  • Lori Singer 1961
  • Paul Brindley (Sundays) 1963
  • Corey Glover (Living Colour) 1964
  • Peter DeLuise 1966
  • Kelly Rutherford 1968
  • Ethan Hawke 1970
  • Thandie Newton 1972
  • Rebecca Romijn Stamos 1972
  • Nicole Dubuc 1978
  • Emily Jean "Emma" Stone 1988
  • Mercedes Kastner 1989
  • Yuka Kuramoti 1991 (Japanese butt model)
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